Brown eyed girl.

Hello! Sorry for the lack of posts lately. But hey, it’s summer! I’ve been away to my boyfriend’s hometown in Värmland for some time. It’s been awesome, and the weather has been so nice! But anyway, I figured I’d do a little style update here. Starting with something from my lookbook ~


wearing my pink dress from Galstar on Rakuten (which I made a blogpost about earlier but since my old database is still broken I haven’t been able to bring it back yet ;_;) Also wearing my red wig. But I also dyed my real hair ^^

Some kind of purple/red, with bleached tips (..the color has faded now tho ;_;) I thought I’d write down what dye I used, but I honestly can’t remember o_O It was some regular one I bought at Åhléns. I think it was one from Schwarzkopf Brilliance.

I bought new circle lenses recently from ^^ I think they have very reasonable prices and quite fast shipping. This time I wanted to try brown ones, so I chose the Geo Princess Mimi WMM-304

Even tho my natural eye color is green I still think they blend quite well. And they are so comfortable! I have no problem wearing them the whole day.

I’ve also been kind of obsessing over Park Bom recently… (//∇//) so I asked my friend Sofia (who is a great hairdresser!) to come over and give me a haircut similar to Bommies ~ Loving it!

I’ve also been doing quite a lot of Park Bom inspired makeup lately… ehehe.. heeh… ^^;;


6 thoughts on “Brown eyed girl.

  1. De bruna linserna var verkligen jättefina på dig! Och det passar bra till hårfärgen ^^ Och hihi så roligt att du gillade klippningen! Jag får titta på dig(:D!) nu i veckan och se ifall något behövs fixas till.

    • Sofia, åh tack så mycket 😀 jaa I love it! provade med extensions också och det ser mycket bättre ut! förutom att min hårfärg har tvättats ur så dom passar inte riktigt i färgerna längre hehe… men ja, kommer nog behöva putsa till luggen ganska snart om inte annat 🙂

  2. Those lenses and your natural eye colour are a fantastic combination.
    That hair colour looks great on you as well.
    You look absolutely fantastic.

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