Closet sale – and moving to Tokyo!

Hello everyone! For those of you following my twitter you might have already seen that I mentioned having a closet sale soon. And here it is! I made a site at tictail for it. You can pay with paypal, and I think that is the most convenient option. And I hope everything will work ~ THE CLOSET SALE IS OVER FOR NOW!

And the reason for this closet sale, as the heading implies, is because I’m moving to Tokyo in September! Though I haven’t exactly planned for how long yet.. But I’m so excited! I really hope I’m not jinxing it by writing about it here (haha I always think like that when I’m about to travel, that’s why I almost always buy last minute trips!)

Anyway. I haven’t uploaded everything yet that I want to sell, but I hope I manage to upload some more stuff, and hopefully find a new home for them before I leave!


7 thoughts on “Closet sale – and moving to Tokyo!

  1. I’m very envious right now! I hope you can stay in Japan for as long as you feel like staying! I’ll leave for Japan in September too, but just two weeks this time… not nearly enough for me. :(( If all the visa stuff just wasn’t so difficult in Japan…

    • Kayono, awh! but two weeks are better than nothing 🙂 and yes, visa stuff is very difficult, so I probably wont be able to stay for too long ;_;

  2. Hi Erika!

    What will you do in Tokyo? Will it be just a vacation or could it potentially turn into a long stay (living/working there permanently) if possible?

    Also, please fix your Instagram. I am more distressed that you for not getting updates from you. Thank God for Twitter! You probably have a million things to do before you leave but make sure fixing your Instagram is one of them. ^_^;;

    I hope that during your stay in Japan you will post many pictures and updates and blog a lot. ^_^

    • Cat, hello! and thank you so much ^_^ I will study Japanese, but I don’t know for how long. Tricky with Visa and stuff… But I will try to keep blogging a lot during my stay there 😀

      And about instagram.. I’ve tried to fix my old instagram account for a couple of weeks now, but no luck ;_; I’ve e-mailed support a bunch of times, but I don’t think they check their e-mail at all so no help there =/ So I decided to make a new account: Rikku_blog. But I have no idea for how long I will be able to keep using this one. Maybe it will break just like my other one ;_; but I hope not!

    • Cat, helloo again! I’m sorry, forget my old comment about Instagram. My old account (Magicuu) seems to be working again now. The new account (Rikku_blog) however, does not… SO WEIRD! But oh, well, anyway just wanted to let you know ^^;;

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