A place filled with memories.

Hello everyone! Ah I can’t believe it’s only a couple of days left until I move to Tokyo O_O I already started packing some days ago, but I still can’t decide what to bring. But I think I’ll figure it out in the end ^^ Anyway, since I’m leaving this place soon (although I will of course be back eventually) I thought I’d post some pictures of it before I go! I re-decorated the living room with blue colours this summer ~

And also we (and by “we” I mean my boyfriend and his manly friends :’D) finally managed to put up some wall shelves!

My boyfriend loves plants ~ I do too, but I usually keep plastic ones… ^^;;

Goodbye living room! またね!


11 thoughts on “A place filled with memories.

  1. The interior design of that living room is fantastic.
    Thank goodness for boyfriends and manly friends for helping out, amirite.
    Also, wow wow. Time is moving so quickly. Almost time for Japan!

    • GDR, thank you so much! and yes, I could barely lift one of those shelves so I’m lucky that I got such a nice boyfriend and friends ❤

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