Hello from Japan!

Hi everyone! We have arrived safely in Tokyo, and we’ve had to make quite a readjustment from Sweden to say the least. It’s so hot here! And humid. It’s like +26°C and like 70% humidity or something? I don’t really know, but it’s totally different from Sweden. And on the morning of our arrival we awoke from an earthquake (supposedly a quite big one out in the sea, but it felt like a 3 or 4 or something in Tokyo?), but I was so jet lagged that I thought it was my boyfriend Johan who was shaking the bed for some reason :’D And the night after there was this crazy thunderstorm with loooots of rain and lightning everywhere. So loud that we couldn’t sleep… But anyway, we’ve managed to make ourself a bit at home at our guesthouse in Tanashi. ^_^ I’m planning to take some pictures of it soon! But we’ve been quite busy the past couple of days, doing some shopping (only necessity items tho, haha still just trying to survive here), meeting up with friends, and yesterday we took a road trip to Chichibu ^_^

But anyway, until I have time to upload pictures from my camera, here are some iPhone pictures!

onigiri, melon pan, korean food, コンビニ konbini, Akihabara ~

And omg it’s like impossible to keep my hair straight in this humidity x_x

Also met up with our friends Sabina and Jonathan. Sabina and I took some Purikura ^_^

We also went to a 猫カフェ(cat café) *_*

My boyfriend Johan was sooooo happy. He even bought chicken to feed the cats ~ And someone (I think someone of the staff?? :’D) put toy cats on one of the cats….. … whyy? :’D


And most of the pictures I’ve taken so far has been of food… so here are some more 😀

Tonkatsu, sake in a box (yes apparently that’s the genuine way to drink it! we took our the shot glass and only drank from the box :D), オムライス (omelette-rice), かき氷 (kakigoori – shaved ice with flavor), bag in box mojito, another rice dish (for only 280円!)


Oh and as I mentioned earlier we took a road trip to a town outside of Tokyo called Chichibu. It was up in the mountains, and soooo beautiful! Also, on our way there we passed a school festival! It was so much fun. We tried some of the classroom activities and bought takoyaki, ice cream and bubble tea. It totally felt like in an anime 😀 and the kids (or, well they were actually in high school but still) were so cute! some of them probably got scared to death tho when a bunch of gaijins walked in there… (//∇//)

And up in the mountains in Chichibu we found a waterfall, where some crazy japanese people were swimming :’D So our friends who we were traveling with decided to do that as well. I was too scared haha. But it looked really nice! I didn’t bring my iPhone up there tho because I didn’t want to risk dropping it in the water ^^;; but I took some pictures with my digital camera that I will probably upload soon! We also went into an old abandoned school up there O_O totally felt like in a horror movie! And next to the school there was also a very old shrine up in the woods! the stairs that led up to it was slippery as hell (I thought I was going to die several times), but it felt really really authentic! not like one of those “tourist” temples. But anyway, I will hopefully upload pictures soon!

And after nightfall we went to this cozy little onsen (hot spring), 星音の湯(せいねのゆ), and had the time of our lives. And it was really cheap as well, only 700円 *_* And they had so many different skin and hair products that you could use. My skin feels so soft now. I need to go to more hot springs!


That was some of the things we’ve been up to lately, but I’ll try to upload some more pictures soon. And I’ll also try to update my blog more often, but sometimes it’s hard to find time to do it. But I’ll try! Until next time ~ またね!


11 thoughts on “Hello from Japan!

    • Maevamilk, oh yeah now that I think about it I have a lot of friends coming here this month too! must be something special about September hehe 😀 I will try to update my blog as much as I can ~

  1. Ååh alltså ååååh Erikaaa! Vet inte var jag ska börja kommentera, men ni verkar ju ha haft det väldigt händelserikt redan 😀 Jag förstår inte hur ni vågade ens gå i närheten av en gammal övergiven skola :_: Och herregud visst är Matsuris så mysiga? Takoyaki ♥ Och sake i glas, onigiris, melonpan, tonkatsu… mmmmhhh!

    • Sofia, åhh jaa vi har hunnit med en massa saker redan *_* är själv lite förvånad över hur mycket vi har hunnit göra haha. fast jag har inte hunnit med så mycket shopping än! tänkte ta itu med det idag. Ja gud, skolfestivalen var helt underbar! kändes verkligen som i en anime 😀 och övergivna skolan var… läskig :”DD ska skriva lite mer om vår road trip till Chichibu nu ~

    • Iko, jaa det är verkligen underbart att vara här! tror inte vi kommer kunna jobba här dock.. min japanska är för dålig och min pojkvän har redan ett jobb hemma i Sverige. ^^;;

    • Miku, I’m going to study Japanese here for a while, but I haven’t found a job or anything so it probably won’t be for too long ;_; *sob* but I might go back again sometime in the future.. I’m thinking about maybe applying to a university here. ^^;;

  2. Glad to know that you made it okay!
    The Japanese weather is already playing some major games, oh boy.
    Your hair looks incredibly cute too (and is super heroic against the humidity).

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