Road trip to Chichibu

Hello! So in my last post I mentioned that we had a road trip to a place called Chichibu, up in the mountains in Saitama. So I thought I’d write some more about it and upload some photos!

Some of our friends here at the guesthouse rented a car (which was really cheap, we were 5 people and we only payed like ¥1300 per person for renting the car 24 hours + gas!) And then we drove from our guesthouse in Tanashi (in Tokyo) to Chichibu (in Saitama). I think it took a couple of hours, but the landscape was soooo beautiful all the way *_*

The Chichibu bridge is also featured in an anime that I really like, あの日見た花の名前を僕達はまだ知らない (Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai) And apparently they have also recently released a movie, so I need to go see that soon ~

And one of the things we were really excited about to try here was the かき氷 (kakigoori = shaved ice), apparently they have really good kakigoori here! But this was the first time I tried it so I can’t really compare it with anything, but it was sooo delicious! best brain freeze of my life ~

Basically you get a big bowl of ice, and then you get sweet sauces with different flavours to pour on the ice. Some of them also had some sweet gel-thingy inside of them!

This one is with matcha flavor ~

And then it was time to do some exploring in the mountains ~ There were lots of totally HUGE spiders everywhere so I was kinda scared (I’m really scared of insects…) but we managed to survive 😀

We found a small waterfall up in the woods! So beautiful. A group of japanese people had gotten there before us and they were already taking a swim in the waterfall so our friends decided to do that as well. The water was quite warm so it looked really nice, but I didn’t go in tho ^^;;

We also found an old shrine up in the woods. As I wrote in my previous post the stairs that led up to it was slippery as hell. I thought I was going to fall down and die several times, but I didn’t! 😀

but it felt really really authentic! And beautiful. And scary. Not like one of those “tourist” temples.

The woods here are so thick O_O

Oh and as I mentioned before, we found an old abandoned school up there. It was so creepy, it totally felt like in a horror movie. And the creepiest thing was that right before we got back to the car, out of nowhere they started to play this really loud and creepy song O_O We looked around and found that they had speakers next to the road. Our japanese friend explained that they played that every day at 17.00 to let the kinds know that it was time to return home or something? I don’t know. But it scared the hell out of me :’D

After our adventure we went back into Chichibu town and had some dinner (tonkatsu – pork cutlet) and then we went to an 温泉 (onsen – hot spring) to relax. I don’t have any pictures from the onsen tho, I don’t think the japanese ladies would approve of me taking pictures of their naked bodies haha :’D Then we drove home again, and I think we were home around midnight.

It was such an amazing trip! I really wish I can do this again sometime ^_^


6 thoughts on “Road trip to Chichibu

  1. Thank you for replying to my last comment 😀
    I am so jealous, I want to go to japan so bad! Hot springs are wonderful 😀
    You should definitely go to uni there! haha i also want to ^^
    Can I ask you a question? What is the most comfortable pair of contacts you have, and from what site can i get them from? I have really dark eyes so I would have buy a dark version haha but I have this one pair and it just hurts so bad @_@

    • Miku, awh thank you so much for commenting my blog ♥ if you get the chance you should totally go to Japan someday 🙂

      I haven’t really tried that many different contact lenses yet, but I have found the Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown (a.k.a. Tsubasa Bambi Series Chocolate Brown) to be really comfortable despite their big size! I bought mine from but you can get them from other places as well ~

      I also have a pair of Geo Angel CM-832 that are a bit smaller and really comfortable. They are available in different colors as well. I have them in black too ~

      I hope I could be to some help 🙂

  2. Jag har aldrig besökt Saitama men det verkar ju asnice att ta en roadtrip dit! Men OMG, vilket autentiskt shrine *__* Magiskt, och supercreepy. Och herregud musiken de spelade när ni gick från skolan?! O_Ò Och onsen är ju himmelriket, man känner sig verkligen som en ny människa efteråt… ♥

    • Sofia, jaaa åh det var sjukt mysigt! och jättevackert *_* haha ah gud har aldrig blivit så förvånad i mitt liv. mitt uppe i bergen från ingenstans så börjar någonting spela musik. sjukt upprörande :”DDD men ja, onsen = bäst i världen!

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