Recent Tokyo looks ~

Hello! Just wanted to make a short update about some of my recent looks here in Tokyo, tehe ~ I’ve been dying my hair and doing some shopping in Shibuya 109 and Harajuku ^_^

Ok so my hair colour had become quite boring

So I decided to dye it with Palty – Sakura Doughnut 

I think the color turned out really nice! but I think it will wash out very soon.. last time I dyed my hair with Palty it only lasted for a couple of washes ;_;

Also bought this nice top somewhere in Shibuya 109 ~

Also got a full body mirror for my room hehe ^^;;

I also bought this wonderful dress from one of my favourite brands: Ladymade!

it was on sale for only 1900円 *_* and it reminds me a lot of the one Yunkoro is wearing the commercial ~

And this weekend we went to a wedding party! it was so much fun ^_^ we left the party like 5 in the morning and it was raining like crazy :’D

I was wearing my dark wig that I styled a bit inspired by Park Bom (as usual) ~

Found some cheap liquor, 14% for only 100円. It was terrible :’D

Anyway, gonna’ go to the konbini now but I’ll try to update some more soon ~ またね!


2 thoughts on “Recent Tokyo looks ~

  1. Du passar så bra i alla sorters frisyrer och färger 😀 Fin! Och vad kul alla verkade ha det på bröllopsfirandet, önskar verkligen att jag varit med… fast såg mig själv på paraparavideos på skärmar iallafall?! ^^ Förstår att 100円-drickan lär ha varit äcklig men fan vad NICE ändå haha~

    • Sofia, awhhh taack ❤ jaa åh det var jättekul! saknade dig där! och ja, dom visade din och jasmines parapara på skärmar vid scenen 😀

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