Ryokan in Hakone

Hello again! So last week me and Johan decided to visit Hakone and stay at a ryokan. I had never stayed at a ryokan before so I was kind of excited about it ~ To get to Hakone we first took the Yamanote line to Shinagawa, and then we took a Shinkansen train from there. We have JR pass, so it was the cheapest way for us. Anyway, this post is going to be kind of picture heavy so I’ll just let most of the photos speak for themselves ~

We stayed at the Senkei Ryokan which was really close to the Hakoneyumoto station. It wasn’t that pricy so I didn’t really have any expectations before going there, so even if the facility was a bit old and the view was blocked by other buildings it was still really nice and tidy. And since Hakone is a sort of an “onsen town”, we made sure that the ryokan we chose had a hot spring as well ^^ They had an outdoor one on the roof! ^^

We were planning on going up with the Hakone roapway to see Mt. Fuji, but the weather was really bad so we wouldn’t be able to see anything… so we decided to just relax at the ryokan instead.

I love wearing a yukata, it’s so comfortable ^^

This was the first time I’ve ever been to a ryokan, so I had no idea what to expect. The staff was so friendly and helpful, even though they only spoke Japanese, and I don’t really know that much japanese ^^;; but the lady who treated us dinner was very kind and tried to explain everything in a way so we could understand. But maybe they just thought we were annoying バカ外人 (//∇//) but even if they did they didn’t show it, because they were very polite and friendly ^_^ We arrived at the ryokan quite late so shortly after we arrived it was time for dinner. And oh my god what a dinner!

The dinner was a traditional multi-course Japanese cuisine, kaiseki, which featured seasonal and regional specialties. This was the first time I ever had anything like this. So amazing! I think we had like 15 dishes. Both hot and cold ones ~

To be honest I don’t even know what most of the dishes were. The lady explained it to us, but it was in Japanese :’D but this was probably one of the weirdest things I tasted. Some kind of sea shell? :’D

And after we had finished our amazing dinner, they removed the table and put futons on the floor for us to sleep on. So cozy! And before heading to bed we went by the onsen to relax ~ sooooo nice.

And the next day it was time for an equally amazing breakfast *_*

This egg was especially delicious because it was boiled in the vulcanic hot springs I think? Maybe kind of like the black eggs of Owakudani. And then you mixed it with the things from the little black bowls, and then poured it on rice. I didn’t mix in the natto (to the far right) though, because I really don’t like natto :’D

So this was my first time in Hakone, and also my first ryokan experience! And I really really enjoyed it. And we’re going to Kyoto soon so I hope we can go to a ryokan there as well! If the trains are operating again? They shut down most of them because of the Man-yi typhoon this morning 😮 I hope people in the Kyoto area are ok.

Well, that’s it for now. またね!


4 thoughts on “Ryokan in Hakone

  1. Känns som att jag bara spammar din blogg med kommentarer som “ååååh” “herreguud” “japan” “<3" osv men jag måste ;__; <33 vad gott allt ser ut. Men usch, natto D:
    Och alltså på tal om Ryokans och språk… när vi var i Hakone hade hotellets restaurang menyer på japanska och… franska 😀 Det var fantastiskt roligt för jag kan inte jättemycket japanska, och ännu mindre franska! Men de antog att vi kunde franska för vi var från Europa tror jag. Dålig stämning 😀

    • Sofia, haha alltså what’s up med all den här franskan :”D så många franska caféer i Kyoto också 😮 fast i Osaka hittade vi mest spanska izakayor.. haha knasigt 😀 men åh Hakone, så fint ❤ fast synd att det var dåligt väder när vi var där så vi inte kunde se Fuji-san ;_;

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