Temple hopping in Kyoto

Hello! sorry for long time no post. Me and Johan just got back from a trip to Kyoto! It’s such an amazingly beautiful city. But you could see that some places had been damaged by the typhoon.. It was also quite hot (like +30°C or something?), and there were so many tourists O_O I expected it to be a lot, but not this much… I’m not really that much into sight-seeing so I have to say that I didn’t really have such a great time there… But still, it’s such a beautiful city and I really enjoyed just walking around in town, especially the Nishiki market and the Gion district (which I don’t have any pictures of ;_;). Anyway, I managed to take a few pictures that I thought I’d post here ^_^ Johan took even more pictures with his camera so I’ll try to upload those too later.

Arrived at Kyoto station with the Shinkansen train ~

Then we met up with some friends and began our sightseeing at the Nijo castle. I especially liked this castle because of it’s amazing nightingale floor (floors designed to make a chirping sound when walked upon). We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside tho 😦 But it was really amazing, the floor really made s chirping sound wherever we walked 😀 Was thinking about the book “Across the Nightingale Floor” the whole time ~

Then we went to the Ginkaku-ji temple. And after that also the Philosopher’s road (tetsugaku no michi).

And while we didn’t go all the way up to Arashiyama, we did visit some bamboo groves.

But I swear to god we were in there for like 10 minutes and I got like 80 mosquito bites… (//∇//)

We also visited the Fushimi Inari Shrine. I really love these torii gates. But again, there were lots of tourists. I barely made it to take this picture before another big group of people came by. But anyway, beautiful! We didn’t make it all the way to the top tho, because again there were looooots of mosquitos, and the trip to the top and back would probably have taken about 2-3 hours ^^;;

But the thing I enjoyed the most was to just walk around town at night. So beautiful. Would love to go back there sometime and just experience more amazing food and sweets ~

So that was my first Kyoto experience. Not really what I expected, but I still had a great time. I guess I just wasn’t prepared for all the tourists. I mean, I knew there were going to be a lot of tourists, but there were even more here than when I visited Manhattan in the summer some years ago. And it was a bit too hot to walk around all day (almost got heat-struck a couple of times) But it was really nice to see a part of Japanese history ~ ^_^


6 thoughts on “Temple hopping in Kyoto

  1. Tycker samma som du med turisterna. Tror det bästa är att inte planera in att besöka de typiska sightseeingställena och bara improvisera och utforska stan på random istället. Såna övergivna ställen som ni såg på er andra lilla utflykt verkade ju mer värt 😀 När jag var i Kyoto hamnade jag jämt på såna lite mer gömda tempelplatser och gator haha, sånt är ju lite mer spännande på något sätt ^^ Och kan verkligen förstå att värmen förstörde lite, jag var ju där i oktober eller nåt, och även DÅ var det supervarmt :_: Men att sitta i någon park eller vid floden och dricka något iskallt från en vending machine är ganska mysigt ♥

    • Sofia, jaa jag blev bara lite överraskad att det var så många turister 😀 tänkte att det skulle vara som typ.. Paris eller Manhattan eller nåt :’D Hade varit mysigt att gå längsmed floden, men allting var fortfarande ganska förstört där efter tyfonen =/ hela floden svämmade ju över då 😮 men skulle definitivt vilja åka tillbaka dit nån gång och bara mysa i staden 😀

  2. Riktigt vackra bilder! Saknar mitt liv i Kyoto extra mycket när jag ser detta ;_; De perioder turisterna är som värst klarar jag mig dock utan ;P Nu har du säkert skrivit det innan, men jag måste bara fråga vad du använder för kamera? 🙂 Är på jakt efter en ny!
    Så kul att läsa om ditt liv i Japan

    • Viktoria, åh tack så mycket! bodde du i Kyoto? 🙂 det är verkligen en sjukt mysig stad! fast lite för mycket turister överallt >_> Kameran jag använder är en Sony a580 med ett Sigma 50mm macro objektiv 🙂

  3. Seeing your posts from Japan makes me so excited because I have plans to go there next summer! I have read that Kyoto is always filled with tourists too, which makes me think I won’t have as good of a time as I want. I love taking photos so I am worried the photos will just be filled with people instead of the beauty of the historic places.

    I do have an unrelated question. I saw you post a Brightlele wig review earlier and am wondering if you can lend some advice. It was from a while ago so I hope you don’t mind me posting it here.

    When you went to order your wig, did it give you a shipping option? When I go to order, it says courier service postage of 525 yen. I assume that is the shipping cost? It does not say how long it will take to ship and that is why I am concerned about shipping time. Usually when I order wigs I am given different options that display how long it will take (I live in the US). I have read more reviews saying that it ships so quick though!

    The wig I want to buy is in the link below. It is a curled bob in the color OB – orange brown mix, but it looks more like brown roots with dark blonde ends. I like the way OB looks because it makes me think of my own hair. I have brown roots and my ends are dark blonde. Do you think with the right styling this wig could look natural? I want to wear it during my one month teaching course because my own hair is fried, but I do not want people to be gawking at my head.


    You are so crazy busy so I understand if you cannot respond! I look forward to more Japan posts!

    • Hello! and thank you for your comment 🙂 when I ordered from Brightlele the shipping was very quick, I think it only took about 1 week. But I couldn’t find any shipping time information either, so I don’t know if their shipping is always that quick… sorry I couldn’t be to more help >_>

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