Owls and okonomiyaki in Osaka

Hello! So after we went to Kyoto we also decided to visit Osaka since it’s so close by.

This was the first time I’ve been to Osaka as well, and I loved it! It felt a bit similar to Tokyo, but perhaps not as stressful? I don’t know. And also, everywhere there were so many delicious things to eat *_* But we were only there for 1 day, so we didn’t really have time to explore the city… But I really want to go back sometime and see more of the city.


But one thing we made sure to visit was the Owl Café! I didn’t know that such a thing existed, but when I mentioned to a friend that I was going to Osaka he told me that I should definitely try to visit the owl café there. Or, well, it’s actually more of an owl shop? Because all of the owls in the café were for sale 😮 I don’t really know much about the circumstances for the owls, but they seemed to be okay. And I hope they all can find nice homes in the country soon with much space to fly around. In Sweden it’s illegal to own wild animals (or well, you have to have a special permit), but if it was legal to buy an owl in Sweden I would totally move out to the country and have lots of owls *__* But enough talk, onto the pictures! Be ready for picture spamming :’D

フクロウのみせ (fukurou no mise) is located south of the Osakatenmangu station.

There were so many different owls! and you were even allowed to hold some of them *_*

Like this little guy. So cute ;_;

I got to hold a bigger one as well ~

But most of the owls you were only allowed to take pictures of (no flash of course)

There were also two barn owls there *-* my favourite owl ~

haha and omg this guy! heart shaped face and looking very… suspicious :’D

And this guy was winking alot :’D

I was really happy to go to the owl café since.. well.. I love owls. And this was the first time I’ve ever held an owl *_* But well, I don’t really know how the owls are doing in there.. Like, do they get to fly around somewhere? As I mentioned earlier, in Sweden it’s illegal to have wild animals like this… But I can only hope that these owls can find a nice home in the country soon with lots of space to fly around. I know it’s a bit hypocritical of me since I’m quite worried about the owls’ health, but I’m still very happy that I got meet owls up close. So yes, it may be a bad thing, but it was still such a wonderful experience ;_;


Enough about owls, time for the お好み焼 (okonomiyaki)! In the evening we met up with a friend of ours who is living in Osaka, and he showed us to an amazing okonomiyaki place, 「美舟」(I think it’s “Mifune”?) Such an amazing old place! The stairs were like crooked :’D But oh my god it was like the best okonomiyaki of my life *_*


We also had some delicious yakisoba ~

After the dinner we also went to a spanish izakaya for drinks. It was also really nice! I saw a lot of spanish izakayas in Osaka actually.. they seem to have thing for Spain there :’D

So that was my first experience of Osaka, and I loved it! I definitely want to go back sometime and explore more of the city ~ and have more delicious okonomiyaki and takoyaki (octopus balls) ~

Well, that’s it for now. ‘Til next time! またね!


11 thoughts on “Owls and okonomiyaki in Osaka

  1. Åhhh! Jag måste besöka det cafét när jag åker till Osaka! ;_; Hade bara hört talas om katt-, kanin- och pingvincaféerna! Älskar verkligen också ugglor. Men ja, man blir ju ändå lite fundersamma till vad de har för levnadsstandard.

    • Viktoria, jaaa det var supermysigt! tror det finns i Tokyo också. men va, pingvincafé?! :’D jaa det känns som att många djur i Japan har ganska dåliga levnadsstandarder ;_; blir lite ledsen när jag ser glasboxarna med hundvalpar och kattungar… >_>

  2. Ugglorna… ♡ Så mysigt att få träffa dem på nära håll! Om man fick ha ugglor här skulle jag lätt skaffa ett gäng och bo nånstans ute i nowhere där de har plats att flyga omkring haha 😀 Och alltså all denna hype over Okonomiyaki och jag har inte ens ätit det i Japan än ;_; Får ha det som mål nästa gång jag åker dit. Och yakisoba, mums. Hittade aldrig det på såna snabbmatställen ute, var mest varianter på ramen och udon jämt!
    Saknar dig massor och hoppas att du har det fabulous!

    • Sofia, jaaa verkligen *_* skulle vara crazy owl lady istället för crazy cat lady.. eller kanske båda :’D men åååh jaa du måste testa okonomiyaki! så gott 🙂 fast yakisoba är ju nästan lika gott hehe ;D

      saknar dig med! hoppas ni har det bra där hemma i Sverige också, och hoppas det inte är för kallt!

  3. Owl cafe?? What a wonderful thing! I also hope they’re able to get proper exercise, but how cute that there’s a place where you can interact with them and hold them. Thanks for sharing these pictures!

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