Vietnam Festival in Yoyogi Park

Hi! I’m sorry for not updating for such a long time ^^;; But anyway, better late than never! I wanted to post some pictures from when me and some friends went to a Vietnam Festival in Yoyogi Park (September 14-15, 2013). It was amazing! So many interesting foods and drinks to try! I really want to go to Vietnam someday. Anyway, onto the pictures ~

So many interesting fruits! I especially love the Durian fruits. Smells like poop, but so delicious!

And so many interesting drinks! Like the Mango beer :’D But it was really good!

But my favourite drink was probably the “chè thập cẩm“, a sweet beverage with beans in it!

I really hope that I can visit Vietnam soon and experience more amazing food and drinks ~


Oh and on our way back we stumbled upon a Japanese festival as well ^^

I think they performed some kind of Noh play (or Kyogen? I don’t really know the difference…) I don’t think it was Kabuki tho? sorry I don’t really know much about Japanese theatre ^^;; … And I totally did not understand the story of the play :’D but it was interesting to watch anyway!


And we finished our cultural evening at a Thai café, アジアンブリーズ ^_^

A perfect ending to a perfect day ~


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