Halloween costume and 東京☆CLOSET

Soo, Halloween is coming up ~ but I’ve actually been to a Halloween party in Tokyo already – “A Halloween Spook-tacular” at Morph in Roppongi ^^;;  ~ It was so much fun! My first time in Roppongi as well ~ I went shopping for a Halloween costume at ドンキ the day before hehe.. ended up with a sort of “Queen of Harts” costume ^^ it was waaay to big for me haha, but it looked ok with a belt ^^

And my makeup for the evening:

Before and after ~

Behold the power of the wig!

Went to the Halloween party together with some friends ^^

Katja, Amanda and me ^_^


And my friend Amanda who is also studying in Tokyo, has recently opened up a web store called 東京☆CLOSET! She sells both used items and brand new ones, cheap items mixed with rare brand items and vintage, everything from sweets to sneakers. She also sells some gal brand clothing and bags. And she updates her store from time to time with new fashion items, vintage items, brand items and grunge/90’s etc.

Check it out!



2 thoughts on “Halloween costume and 東京☆CLOSET

  1. Rikku Rikku~
    I really like your wig in this one, i love how it’s layered and natural! do you think you can help me find one similar on ebay? I’mn not good at searching ^ ^”
    Thank you so much!

    • Simplymiku, hi and thank you so much! I actually recently bought a similar wig on ebay from this link. The “dark brown” is probably the most similar to the one I’m wearing here. But bare I’ve also styled my wig here to look more natural. 🙂

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