Park Bom inspired makeup.

I love 2NE1. And their latest song “Missing You” is so beautiful it almost makes me cry. And since I’m always obsessing over the wonderful Park Bom, I decided to post some more Park Bom inspired makeup photos. Although it makes me sad that she’s ruining her face with too much surgery lately.. I guess it can be hard to know when to stop huh? Anyway. I still find her especially stunning with dark brown/black hair ~

Some beautiful Park Bom photos for inspiration:

And here is my Bom-inspired makeup:

wearing some new lashes: Romantic Minnie No. 3 – Dolly Eye

Also using a lip plumper – Heavy Rotation Volume Up Lip Essence

You can also check out this Park Bom inspired makeup tutorial that I made a while ago:


12 thoughts on “Park Bom inspired makeup.

  1. Du vet redan vad jag tycker om dina Park Bom-inspirerade grejer ❤ Så himla fint! En bra inspirationskälla uppenbarligen eftersom det blir så bra på dig! Perfektion ehee ^-^ Och Lip plumper-peppen wiiihh~

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