Things from Japan

Hello. So as I mentioned earlier I still have lots of photos and even more video clips from Japan that I want to post. But I still haven’t finished editing and putting everything together. But I will! sometime… Anyway, here is a short “teaser” if you will ~ Just some short clips from some of our highlights from Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hakone and Chichibu. Was filming with my Sony a580, and a Sigma 50mm macro lens. Handheld, so the footage became a bit shaky as usual. Edited in Premiere Pro.

The song is: Avicii – Wake me up (Nico Pusch Bootleg Remix)

And speaking of things from Japan… I might have bought a few things while I was there… hehe.. When I unpacked my bag I put all the accessories and makeup on our living room table, and I just couldn’t resist taking some pictures of it all ^^;; kinda picture heavy ~

I just love this BB cream from Kate ~

Also tried a CC cream from Etude House

And a nice bright powder from Etude House

“Gelato” nail polish set ~

Lots of lashes hehe ~

I especially love these Disney Romantic Minnie Eyelashes

And these lower lashes from Dolly Wink

With so much makeup I needed a new makeup bag ~

Some jewellery from Forever21

And some from.. I think it’s from Paris Kid’s

Belts from Shibuya109

iPhone4 case for 100¥ in Harajuku, get!

Whoops, so many things… And I didn’t even include the clothes and shoes…  (//∇//) But luckily everything fit in my bag. I could bring 23 kg on the plane, and when I checked in my luggage at the airport it was only 22,9 kg so I had some to spare 😉 Anyway. Yes, I did a lot of shopping.

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness, didn’t know where to shop


6 thoughts on “Things from Japan

    • Sofia, åhhh tack så mycket ♥ men jaa, har säkert typ 1 miljon klipp att gå igenom eheheh ^^;; men förhoppningsvis så blir det någonting av det inom en snar framtid!

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