Hello! I finally finished editing some clips from my time in Japan last year.

Places I visited: Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hakone, and Chichibu. Was filming with a Sony a580 and a Sigma 50mm macro lens, handheld. Edited in Premiere Pro, with Lumetri Looks color grading, and Twixtor Pro for slow motion.

The song is:
AlexNacila – Cloudlift

日本をとても懐かしく思い出す。東京に帰りたいなぁ...くすん ( ノω-、)



6 thoughts on “J A P A N

  1. 私も日本に帰りたい!It’s been over a year now ):
    Your video made me soo… 懐かしい, haha. Remembering how great Tokyo and all the other cities are ;-;
    Acutally, I’m planning to go to Japan again in December, let’s go o/
    When exactly did you go to Japan? :3


    • Fernanda, it sure is a wonderful country ♥ I’m glad you get the chance to go back there! I would love to go back too. but too much work to be done and money to be made here in Sweden.. also I’m still really worried about the whole Fukushima thing.

      I went there last summer/autumn and stayed for about 3 months (as long as my VISA would allow hehe) but I would love to go back for a longer period of time. 🙂

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