New HAPPY hairstyle

Hello! so I recently dyed and cut my hair. I tried letting my bangs grow out for a while, but I got to a point (anyone else who tried this probably know exactly what I’m talking about) where it just felt totally hopeless and I couldn’t do anything with my hair except putting it up in a bun. Sooo I decided to go back to my old hairstyle with bangs hehe. Couldn’t afford going to the hair dresses this month so I just cut it myself. But it turned out ok I think.

I also dyed my hair some kind of peach/apricot color. I was feeling very inspired by 2NE1 Park Bom’s (who could have guessed!! haha) hairstyle in the HAPPY music video ^_^ First I bleached my hair (turned yellow as usual), and then I used two different hair dyes to get the right color. First I used Schwarzkopf – 821 Strawberry blonde, and then L’oreal Sublime Mousse – 822 Strawberry Fizz. Both hair dyes were on sale at H&M and cost only 50 SEK each, woho!

Before (left) and after (right):

Inspiration pic of Park Bom:

And I really like this huge “gold” (ok, it’s made from plastic…) necklace and bracelet I bought from Glitter!

Queen of bling


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