Spring looks

Hello! So we’ve been having some great weather here in Sweden for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately it seems like it might be over now… But anyway, yesterday I figured I would try to take some proper outfit photos. So here they are!

wig from Brightlele
shirt from somewhere in Harajuku
dress from LIP SERVICE
boots from Mihato in Shibuya 109

Wig from Aquadoll
Blazer from H&M
Polo neck sweater from New Yorker
Skirt (actually a dress) from Pudding (Studio Alta Shibuya)
Bootee from Deichmann

I don’t remember where I got these wonderful owl accessories. Might have been from Glitter a couple of years ago.

Another lovely sweater from LIP SERVICE


Brands I’ve been into most recently I think would be LIP SERVICE, GOLDS infinity, CECIL McBEE, LADYMADE, DaTuRa, Rienda. Can’t really afford buying brand clothing very often tho, but once in a while I find some cheap things on Rakuten ^_^

Some other outfit photos from my iPhone:

I just love my Tokyo beanie (from Studio Alta) and SWAG iPhone case (Glitter) ~

For more outfits and other junk you can always check out my Instagram (@magicuu)  ^_^



18 thoughts on “Spring looks

  1. Och så SNÖAR det utanför när jag läser detta haha T_T Sverige… Men hjälp vilka fina outfits! Och gillar den vågiga mörka peruken på dig, så fiiint ♡

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