Raw Vegan Truffles For Easter Dinner

Hello, and Happy Easter! Yesterday we had a wonderful easter dinner with friends. And I remembered to bring my camera for once, so I snapped some pictures. And we had so much delicious food! I’m not very good at cooking, but one thing I can do are snacks and appetisers. Since many of our friends are vegan, I decided to make some raw food vegan truffles for dessert. But since one of my friends is allergic to most nuts (except for cashews and almonds) I made some small changes to some of the recipes.

Coconut pecan bites (about 12-16 depending on size)
original recipe from thefitchen.com

3/4 cup pitted dates
3/4 cup raw walnuts (I replaced these with cashews)
1/2 cup raw cashews
1/2 cup raw pecans (I replaces these with almonds)
2 tablespoons shredded coconut
1 tablespoon maple syrup (I used Agave Syrup)
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon cardamom
extra coconut to coat the outsides

First, let me just say, these are probably the best truffles I’ve tried so far. So delicious! I made them for Christmas dinner as well, and boy were they popular. How to make them: Add the walnuts, pecans, and cashews to a blender/mixer or food processor. Pulse until they are finely ground. Set aside. Add dates to the blender and pulse until a sticky paste starts to form. In a medium bowl, combine nuts, date paste, maple syrup, cardamom, coconut, and cinnamon then use your hands to combine it well. Form into cubes, balls, or rolls. Fill a bowl with about 1/4 cup of shredded coconut. Gently coat each ball.


Vegan Cookie Dough Bites (about 12-16 depending on size)
original recipe from averiecooks.com

2/3 cup raw cashews
1/3 cup oats
2 Tbsp Agave Syrup
1 Tbsp Maple Syrup (I only used Agave)
1 Tsp Vanilla Extract
1/4 cup Chocolate Chips (I used shredded chocolate)

How to make them: Blend the cashews and oats in a blender/mixer or food processor, until they are a fine powder. Don’t overblend or you’ll wind up with cashew butter very quickly. Add the agave, maple, vanilla and blend until incorporated. Be careful to just blend in short bursts and only until combined; don’t over-process. Stir in the chocolate chips by hand. (Since I didn’t have chocolate chips I decided to roll mine in shredded chocolate. Was a bit messy but just as tasty!) Form into balls and serve. If dough is sticky, chilling it in the refrigerator or flash-chilling it in the freezer helps make it easier to work with.


I also made some cheese truffles for appetisers. Not vegan, but so delicious.

Goat Cheese Truffles (about 14-16 depending on size)
original recipe from thegalleygourmet.net, but I made my own variation of it.

100 g cream cheese with spring onion
200 g goat cheese
1 teaspoon freshly squeezed lemon juice
100 g dried dates, chopped
100 g dried figs, chopped

In a bowl using a hand held mixer (or your hands. I used my hands :P), beat the cream cheese, goat cheese and lemon juice until smooth and combined. Cover with plastic wrap and chill for at least 1 hour or until firm.

Roll the cheese mixture into 3/4-inch balls. Roll each ball in the chopped figs or dates. Enjoy!


I really love our little dinner gatherings. I’m always having such a wonderful time. And eating way too much. But I think it’s ok to let yourself do that sometimes 😉 Thank you everyone for a wonderful Easter celebration 

The result of this picture haha:



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