Recent looks and hairstyles

Hello! I’ve been meaning to update my blog and take some nice pictures, but I just haven’t gotten around to it.. But I still wanted to update my blog (since it’s been a while now), so I thought I’d just post some recent looks and hairstyles. As I mentioned earlier I recently got myself some new extensions. I really love to have long hair, I’m just so bad at letting my own hair grow haha. But anyway.

Eyelash: Romantic Minnie No. 3 – Dolly Eye
Circle lenses: GEO Extra Magic Black
Extensions: Taj Mahal
Hair color: Schwarzkopf – 821 Strawberry blonde

I got my extensions from a place called Taj Mahal in Stockholm. I’ve been buying my extensions there since like.. forever. And they usually have some nice sales going on, so I got these for only 300 SEK (yes it’s kinda expensive to buy extensions in Sweden) But I’m really happy with them. Although my current haircut isn’t really made for having extensions, so I’ll have to go to the hairdresser sometime soon ~ And if you want to read more about my hair color process you can do it in this post ~

With and without extensions:

White knit sweater (right): Vero Moda
Beige knit cardigan (left): BikBok
Necklace and bracelet (right): Glitter
Skirt: eBay

some casual derping! why do I always do this with my pics :’D

love these lenses –  iFairy Hana grey

White blazer: H&M
iPhone case: Glitter
Necklace and bracelet: Glitter
Shoes: DinSko

Also got this G-Dragon “One of a kind” beanie from this link on eBay. Unfortunately it was waaaaay too small so the print broke when I put it on. or maybe it’s just me that has a big head? anyway. Not very happy with it. And it wasn’t even that cheap. oh well!

but my boyfriend gave me this super cute Pikachu iPhone cover! *_* also from ebay somewhere, but I don’t have the link 😦 but oh it’s so cute! I used to love Pokémon when I was a kid 😀

Knit sweater: Lip Service
Dress: From somewhere in Studio Alta Shinjuku
Pink Blazer: Gina Tricot (last year)
Necklace: Glitter
Shoes: Deichmann

And I’m ending this post with a lovely party pic with my girls!

Me, Sofia and Line!  Aren’t we beautiful? ( ´艸`)ムププ


10 thoughts on “Recent looks and hairstyles

  1. even with a derp face, youre seriously so pretty! ;A; your makeup is so on point always!
    your hair extensions look so goo!! i am really torn right now between cutting my hair into a bob style or having it long.. i want it long but i am too impatient to wait and hate this mid-length style ha

    • hollie, aaawwwh haha thank you! you are too kind ♥ and I totally know what you mean about the hair dilemma. I feel the same way. and every time I actually manage to let it grow like beneath my shoulders at least, I always end up cutting it again. But that’s why I really like extensions 😀 you can have both short and long hair!

  2. Nooooo vad synd att mössan var så liten så trycket gick isär >___< Är lite samma med den Bad Girls-mössan jag fick av dig :_: och jag har ändå ett litet huvud? Hmmm. Men vi får rocka våra vita mössor ändå tycker jag 8)

    • Sofia, jaaa verkligen 😦 ska försöka att bara köpa mössor med broderi istället för tryck.. men så svårt att veta på ebay >_> men jaa, låt oss ha en vita mössor dag hehe 😀 fast kanske inte nu.. lite varmt!

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