Summer diary

Hello! I can’t tell you how happy I am that summer has finally come to Sweden. Swedish summer is just the best. It’s not too hot but not too cold. Ok, sometimes it feels pretty hot, and it’s been quite cold the last couple of days… But I’m on vacation now, so it feels amazing nonetheless! I don’t have much to write but I thought I’d just share some recent summer looks and things ^_^

I love my extensions at the moment ~

Eyelash: Romantic Minnie No. 3 – Dolly Eye
Circle lenses: iFairy Hana Grey
Extensions: Taj Mahal
Hair color: Schwarzkopf – 821 Strawberry blonde

Necklace: Glitter
Dress: GOLDS Infinity (last year)

Circle lenses: GEO Extra Magic Black
Gina Tricot

Circle lenses: GEO Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown
New Yorker

Knit sweater: Vero Moda
Skirt: Lip Service (second hand)
Shoes: Din Sko

And I got this pretty dress from my mum ’cause it didn’t fit her (lucky me!) I think it’s from Lindex

After coming home that same night.. 😛

No lenses, smudged makeup, messy hair, and loving it ~

Behold the power of makeup!

Before and after makeup
Circle lenses: GEO Princess Mimi Apple Green

During the summer I think it’s nice to wear lighter makeup.

Like in this pic I’m only wearing foundation, lenses (’cause I’m blind without them haha) and lipgloss

Foundation: Etude House – Cotton Fit
Circle lenses: GEO Princess Mimi Apple Green
Lip gloss: some pink one from H&M


And last weekend I went to a rave party in the woods with my friend Sofia! I found this pic of us on her blog! 😀

I had such a wonderful time, dancing bare foot in the woods ~

… and drinking absinthe and just being crazy haha :’D Good times!


Fore more craziness, find me here:

Instagram @magicuu
Twitter @magicuu


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