Vietnam diary – Train to Hoi An

Welcome to part 3 of my Vietnam diary (already wrote about Hanoi and Ha Long Bay), and this time I’m gonna write a little bit about Hoi An. And our 10 hour train trip to get there, hehe.

Our train departed from Hanoi in the evening around 7 pm. And the staff from our hotel in Hanoi were such heroes. Not only did they help us to book the train tickets, but they also followed us all the way to the train station and even helped us get our bags on the train. And off we went. (I was still very sick as this point…)

As you can see we booked the most fancy and expensive train tickets we could find (true story), so we got the private sleeper cabin. I don’t know, maybe we got hustled and maybe there are better trains around, but it was a kinda fun experience. And in this part of the train they even had “regular” toilets (not just a hole in the floor that is) And the outside view was very beautiful!

And the morning after we arrived safely in the city of Da Nang, (as there is no railway station in Hoi An) where we then took a cab the last 40 minutes or so.

Hội An (translates as “peaceful meeting place”) is located in the South Central Coast region of Vietnam. It is recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. But I was still very sick upon arriving, so I couldn’t join the others when they went into town to look at the Hoi An Ancient Town 😦

Hoi An is also a great place to have yourself some custom made piece of clothing. My boyfriend had two pair of suits made at a place called Bebe ClothShop that he is very happy with. And he didn’t pay more than what you would pay for a suit at H&M or something. So it was really worth the money! I wanted to make a dress, but I couldn’t go there because I was too sick 😦

Instead, I spent much of my time at our wonderful hotel, Hoi An Chic Hotel. A small (17 rooms in all) but wonderful hotel, in a tranquil and relaxing location. It’s located half way between the old town and the beaches, between some rice fields. And the staff were incredible, always very attentive and friendly. And when I was too sick to eat anything they brought me fresh fruit and lime juice.

And the rooms were really wonderful as well, with an outdoor bathtub and all.

And they also had a pool! So even though it sucked to be sick, there are worse places in the world to be sick at 😛

And if you want to rent a moped but are a bit afraid of Vietnams’ crazy traffic, Hoi An is a great place to start. The traffic isn’t as crazy here. So my boyfriend did that, and of course he got the most weird looking tan because of it haha.

By the last day I was feeling a bit better so I could join the others for dinner at a restaurant. More spring rolls 😀


And some other things I enjoyed at my hotel room was bánh bao (tasted almost like nikuman) that I got from a small store at the beach, and cao lầu (I think?) that was on the hotel food menu. Really delicious!

We stayed in Hoi An for a couple of days, but I really wish we could have stayed longer. It was so peaceful and relaxing. Next time I visit Vietnam I definitely would want to go back to Hoi An.

Next up we’ll continue our trip down to Nha Trang, stay tuned ~

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5 thoughts on “Vietnam diary – Train to Hoi An

  1. Iih alla bilder! Ni verkade ha en väldigt speciell och häftig resa ♥ Men tråkigt att du var så sjuk 😦 Men vad skönt att personalen på hotellet var snälla och att du kunde njuta lite av semestern iallafall ♥

  2. Det ser verkligen härligt ut! Himla synd att du blev så sjuk precis på resan bara! Blir ännu mer sugen på att åka till Vietnam efter dina inlägg iaf 🙂

    • Viktoria, ja det var verkligen härligt! trots sjukdom, hehe. Men jag får satsa på att åka tillbaka någon gång och se till att vara frisk då 😀

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