A sudden urge for violet hair

Hello! I finally finished blogging about my trip to Vietnam. So, now I thought it was time to write a little bit about the stuff I usually blog about: my hair 😛 A few weeks ago I had this sudden urge to dye my hair violet. Thought I’d share some pictures of how it turned out ^^

I used Directions – Violet, and before applying I mixed it with conditioner to get a brighter result. Unfortunately, the result became quite uneven when I dyed the extensions. I think it’s mainly because of the different quality of the hair. I bought the extensions really cheap, so it’s probably some kind of mixture between human hair and synthetic hair.

Circle lenses: GEO Extra Magic Black

Cardigan: BikBok
Dress: Lip Service (second hand)
Shoes: Belle Shoes


As expected, the color didn’t last very long. I still have some hair dye left, so I could re-dye it, but I wasn’t very pleased with how uneven it turned out before, so I’ll probably just dye it some other color. My hair is now back to the same color I had before dyeing it (Schwarzkopf – 821 Strawberry blonde), except a little more bleached from the sun. I haven’t decided what color to go for next, perhaps something darker, I don’t know. We’ll see ~

Circle lenses: GEO Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown

Without extensions ~


3 thoughts on “A sudden urge for violet hair

  1. Your trip in Vietnam was absolutely wonderful! Thanks for sharing.
    I do like the purple in your hair; I just wish that it wasn’t so uneven.
    The black lenses seem to engulf your eyes; it’s very 50/50.
    BUT! The Mimi Chocolate Browns look awesome on you.
    The combination of colours is really nice.
    When your hair is short, it’s really cute! Very sporty.

    • GDR, oh thank you so much! you are very kind ^_^ and yeah I wish the black lenses would cover more of my iris x_x but anyway, thank you again for commenting! ^_^

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