A summer wedding

Hello! There’s been so much things going on this summer. One of them being my boyfriends’ brother getting married 26th of July! So of course we were invited. They were having an outdoor wedding at Johans’ parents house in Värmland, where they had put up a big wedding tent in the backyard. We arrived a week early to help out with everything. It was a lot of work! But the wedding turned out so lovely and wonderful, it was truly a magical day. I brought a camera, but I ended up filming the whole time so I didn’t take any pictures, except with my iPhone. But there was a photographer there so hopefully I can find some pictures to post later!

I had a difficult time deciding on a look. I wanted to use my extensions but since I dyed them violet earlier, they were the wrong color.. So I went with a simple undo. It was a kinda laid-back outdoor wedding after all 🙂

Circle lenses: GEO Extra Magic Black
 Gina Tricot (I brought Lannister gold to a wedding O_O)

I ended up using two different dresses. Since it was really hot I had a short turquoise dress during the day, but it got a bit cold at night so then I switched to a grey floor length dress ~ wish I would have remembered to take some full pictures of them… ,_,

And there was so much delicious food! And lots of wedding selfies :’)

I had a really wonderful time, and I think everyone else did too. Big congratulations to the lovely bride and groom! ♥ I’ll try to find some pictures of them to post later 🙂


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