Recent looks – Summer ends

Hello! So, summer is coming to an end… ;_; I feel like I’m having trouble letting go! I don’t know if I can take it, all those months of darkness and cold… So I try not to think about it. Anyway. I thought I’d share some recent looks from my Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr! Since I’ve been changing my hair a lot lately ^^;; Anyway, here we go ~


After my sudden urge for violet hair, I had to dye my hair a bit darker to get rid of all the uneven color ~

Hair color: Casting Creme Gloss No. 724 – Nougatine
Circle Lenses: EOS Ice Grey
Necklace from Glitter
Dress from Julia Boutique on Rakuten

Circle lenses: GEO HoliCat Barbie Hazel


I also started my new job as a designer over at Agigen! ^^

Circle lensesGeo Angel Blue CM-832, 14.2mm

Always looking so tired in the early morning 😛
Circle lensesEOS Fay 3 Tone Blue


2NE1 Park Bom inspired look for a night out ~

Circle lenses: GEO Extra Magic Black
Necklace from Glitter
Dress from New Yorker
Blazer from H&M


Unfortunately the lovely Nougatine hair color started to wash out pretty quickly D:

Circle Lenses: EOS Ice Grey
Necklace Vivienne Westwood
Dress from Lip Service


So, I dyed my hair again! With SYOSS – Warm copper

Circle lenses: GEO HoliCat Barbie Hazel
Necklace from Glitter
Dress from GOLDS Infinity

Natural hair VS my long dark wig ~
Such a difference a little bit of hair can do 😮


Anyway, that was some recent looks! You can always check out my Instagram, and Twitter for most recent updates ^^

4 thoughts on “Recent looks – Summer ends

  1. Rikku can I please use your chocobo racing artwork in the YouTube video for my new “Techno De Chocobo” dubstep remix, please :3
    I’ll give you full credit and post lots of links to your deviant art page and blog if you want.

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