Seremedy LAST LIVE and after party ~

So, yesterday me and some friends went to see the last gig of the band Seremedy(Seremedy one night reunion [re:MADNESS] LAST LIVE) Since the singer, Seike, is an old friend of mine it was really fun to finally be able to see them perform. He’s part of another band now, Kerbera, but I haven’t had the chance to see them perform yet. But maybe sometime in the future ^^

My look for the night ~

I tried my best to be a bad gizibe 😛 but honestly I don’t think I succeeded. I guess I’m not such a bad girl after all :’D But I tried to take some inspiration from 2NE1 CL when doing my hair and makeup anyway ^^ But I think it’s just so hard to do that kind of “cat eye” eyeliner when you don’t have asian eyes >_> I need to practice that some more I think.

Circle lenses: GEO Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown
WTF-cap and accessories from Glitter

Outfit ~

Cap from Glitter
 from Vero Moda
Shorts from Cecil McBee (last year)
Belt from D.I.A
Boots from some Rakuten shop ^^;;


Met up with my friends Sofia and Malin before the concert so we could go together ^_^

Looking fab ~

Unfortunately I don’t have many great pictures from the live show, since I only had my phone with me as a camera. But here’s one at least!


And then as I mentioned in the title, we went to the Seremedy after party where we met up with lots of other friends, such as the lovely babes of the new visual pop group Lovelipop ^_^

I had such a good time! and lots of champagne ~


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