Tokyo, tadaima

Hello! I just got back from my trip to Tokyo, Japan. We left Stockholm on October 23, and stayed in Tokyo until November 3. So all in all the trip was about 12 days (waaaay to short in my opinion) Me and Johan was first thinking about going other places except for Tokyo, such as Osaka (since we really enjoyed it last time we were there), or maybe visit one of our friends who live in Nagano. But, with such short amount of time and so much we wanted to do in Tokyo, we decided to just stay in Tokyo.

As usual I forgot taking pictures most of the time, but I managed to snap a few. I also uploaded pictures to my Twitter and Instagram, so I might do another post with those later! And I was also filming a bit, so I’ll try to make a little travel video later ^_^ Until then, here are some photos I took with my Sony a580 and Sigma 50mm macro lens.



tokyo shinjuku

The view from the hotel. Plants on the roof!


tokyo shinjuku

自動販売機 ♥

tokyo shinjuku

Our street where we stayed at Hotel Listel Shinjuku

Since we lived in Shinjuku, we spent most of our time there ~

tokyo shinjuku japan tokyo shinjuku japan

We also visited the Cat Café in Shinjuku again ~

tokyo shinjuku japan tokyo shinjuku japan tokyo shinjuku japan

We also stumbled upon Omoide Yokocho – also known as Shinjuku’s “Piss Alley” or “Memory Lane”. It felt like being back in the narrow streets of Kyoto.

tokyo shinjuku japan tokyo shinjuku japan

It felt very similar to the Golden Gai district that we also visited (I forgot to bring my camera though), but this place seemed to have more food places. At Golden Gai we mostly visited the tiny pubs and bars. And there was of course lots of 飲み放題 (nomihoudai = all you can drink) ^^;;

tokyo shinjuku japantokyo shinjuku japan

Heading home in the night ~

I forgot to take pictures of it, but we walked along Otome Road (which isn’t really a street but a district), visited the “cat parkHigashi Ikebukuro central park, walked past Sunshine City (which I also visited the last time I was here), and then we ended up at a Penguin Bar!

tokyo shinjuku japan penguin bar tokyo shinjuku japan penguin bar tokyo shinjuku japan penguin bar

We got to watch the penguins while having our drinks, and then we also got to feed the penguins :’D

Strolling along in Akiba, having some kaiten sushi and playing some music games along the way ~

tokyo akihabara japantokyo sushi japantokyo akihabara japantokyo akihabara japantokyo akihabara japan

And some delicious ramen of course ~

The mandatory visit to Takeshita street in Harajuku ~

tokyo harajuku japan

A small pause from the city life on the way to Meji shrine

tokyo harajuku japan

Shibuya crossing was SUPER CRAZY on Halloween. I know Tokyo is a busy city, but this was beyond busy. So many people in costumes! It was crazy and awesome. You could say that everyone went bananas! …. … (I made funny!)

tokyo shibuya japan tokyo shibuya japan tokyo shibuya japan tokyo shibuya japan tokyo shibuya japan tokyo shibuya japan

Our friends who we traveled with decided to go to club Ageha on Halloween. Unfortunately, like always when I travel, I got SUPER SICK. haha. So I had really high fever on the night of Halloween, so I couldn’t go party with everyone else. So me and Johan stayed in the city, and we ended up at an amazing Halloween party at an Izakaya in Takadanobaba. ¥2000 all you can eat and drink! It was great. Too bad I couldn’t stay long though since I was so sick. Haha, oh well, next time!

Ending our trip with a drink among the stars – at New York Bar in Park Hyatt hotel. Since the last day before going home, November 2, was my birthday, we decided for some fancy celebration ^_^ And of course we tried the “Lost in translation” drink hehe ~

tokyo park hyatt tokyo park hyatt tokyo park hyatt

And then it was time to go home. Although I wish I could have stayed forever.

tokyo japan

As always when traveling to Japan, and especially Tokyo, I had a great time. But it was way too short. There were so many things I wanted to do but never got a chance to. Like explore more stations on the Yamanote line, visit the Tsukiji fish market, buy omiyage in Asakusa, rent a car and go on a road trip, watch robots in Odaiba, and so on. I wish I had more time! Oh well, I know I will be back sometime soon. Until next time ~


The hotel we stayed at (Hotel Listel Shinjuku) is really great and usually very cheap, and although it’s a bit walking distance from Shinjuku station it still has a great location. So I would definitely recommend this hotel. But next time I would really want to try and rent an apartment, like we did in Vietnam. I read that Airbnb has listed lots of apartments in Tokyo, so next time I’ll definitely try that.

Data SIM Card:
Embarrassing I know, but I just need to have internet access all the time, especially when I travel. And especially in Tokyo. For me, having constant access to Google maps and being able to translate things felt essential. So I bought a Data only SIM card from, and then they delivered it to my hotel so it was there when I arrived. They have lots of different price plans, I chose the 1GB data for ¥ 4100. They also have pocket WiFi which is convenient if you are many people sharing. But for me, since I like to explore on my own, it was nice to have a SIM card for my phone. You can also buy Data SIM cards at electronic stores such as Yodobashi.

Suica or Pasmo:
When taking the subway or train inside of Tokyo, the easiest way is to use a Suica or Pasmo card. Suica can be used on all JR networks that support IC cards (including Hiroshima and Kyoto), while Pasmo is limited to the Greater Tokyo Area. But I already have a Pasmo that I’ve had ever since I visited Tokyo for the first time back in 2010 (I think it was?), so I think I’ll stick with that. You can use it both for traveling, but also for buying things in the vending machines and so on. You can also search your travel route using, sorting either by cheapest price, shortest route, fewest transits, and so on!


7 thoughts on “Tokyo, tadaima

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
    Looks like you had a whole lot of fun, but 12 days is way too short.
    Thanks for the tips too, especially for Data Sim cards.
    That’s always something I think about even though I don’t think I’ll be travelling out, ahaha.

    Thanks again. Lovely photos!

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