No Game No Life Cosplay

Hello! Ok this is crazy, but I decided to do a cosplay for the first time in forever (I think it was like … 10 years since last time I did a cosplay?!). I decided to do a character from a new anime that I really like called No Game No Life. I decided to cosplay the character “Shiro“. which is actually an 11 year old girl so I don’t know why I thought that was a good idea haha, but anyway!

But, since I’m terribly bad at sewing (and frankly I think it’s kinda boring….) I decided to buy a costume from eBay! … ^^;; I’m not going to go to any cosplay competitions or anything anyway, I just wanted to dress upp! And I found this Shiro costume from a seller called “zhu0808ww“, and it was really cheap and looked nice. I used their measurements guide the best I could, and ordered “M” size. And luckily it fit quite perfectly! Maybe it was just a tiny bit too big, but better too big than too small.

Circle lenses: Geo Holicat Barbie Hazel
I actually wanted to try the Geo Color Nine Deep Red lenses for this look, but apparently they’re going to be discontinued so I couldn’t order them 😦 too bad! I think they would have been perfect..

The wig I used in an old white wig I had lying around (also from ebay, but this particular one is no longer available). I thought about buying a Shiro styled wig from ebay as well, but all the ones I could find were a bit too colorful in my opinion. I imagine Shiro having white hair with just a small tint of color. So I dyed the wig a bit violet, by using Directions – Violet hair dye and mixing it with water. Then I gently let the wig soak in the water for some time. Super easy! I also cheated and added some extra blue color in photoshop ;p

Pics from my instagram ~

Link to the Shiro Costume

Link to the seller on eBay


7 thoughts on “No Game No Life Cosplay

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  2. omg so cute! can I ask, how tall are you? I wanna do a shiro cosplay aswell but I’m afraid I’d be too tall??

    • eva, thank you so much! ♥ I’m 163 cm, so I’m not that tall. But I think you should do it anyway, even if you’re tall! ^_^ but if you want to buy a costume maybe they have to make it custom size if you are too tall for the sizes provided 😮

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