Review: Geo Eyescream Vanilla Brown

Woah, I got some new amazing circle lenses in the mail! 😀 From

GEO Medical is one of the most reliable and safest international circle lens brand, and all their products are genuine. Most of their circle contact lenses are also available with prescription. They also offer FREE international shipping and a FREE lens case for each pair of circle contact lenses purchased.

Since I really love my Geo HoliCat Barbie Hazel lenses (that unfortunately only have a life span of 1 month ;_; ), I wanted to find something similar, but with a longer life span. So I decided to try these ones!

Geo Eyescream Vanilla Brown

Product details
Price: USD  
35.50 23.50
Lens code: XMU-A14
Color: Brown
Collection: Eyescream
Packaging: 2 Vials
Life Span: Yearly

Power Range: 0.00
Diameter: 14.5mm
Base Curve: 8.70mm
Water Content: 40±2%
Material: Polymacon

Color & Design:
★★★★☆ (4/5)
The design is simple but beautiful. However, the effect is not as strong as the Geo HoliCat Barbie Hazel lenses that I have. But the color blends very well with my natural blue/green/grey eye color, so I think they look very natural on me. But I would have loved it if the color would pop out more. I miss that golden hazel look.

★★★★☆ (3.5/5)
Since these lenses are 14.5 mm they aren’t the biggest lenses around, but they still give that little extra enlargement. I think the subtle enlargement effect is very nice, and the design make your eyes stand out a bit more.

★★★★★ (5/5)
So far these lenses have been super comfortable. I managed to wear them to an 8 hour or so family gathering with ease. They’re not super big either, so I think that helps a lot too.


As always I really like ordering my lenses from The staff is always very nice and helpful. When they shipped my order they immediately sent a tracking number for it so I could see the status of my order. The shipping usually takes about 10-21 working days, and I think my order took about two or three weeks to arrive.

You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest 


Time for picture spam ~
I’m also wearing a brown wig that I got from eBay


3 thoughts on “Review: Geo Eyescream Vanilla Brown

  1. Hm…. I think I like these better on you than the HoliCat ones. Maybe because they’re indeed blending a bit better. Personal opinion though. I hope you find a equivalent to the HoliCat ones with a yearly life span some time 😉

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