One week in Seoul

Hello! Sorry for the lack of updates again… But I recently got back from Seoul, South Korea! It was my first time ever visiting Korea, and I just loved it! Of course I couldn’t help myself comparing it to Japan (where I’ve been many times) and it was a lot similar in a way, but at the same time very different. Korea felt much more crazy. But a good kind of crazy. Anyway, I managed to snap some pictures and movie clips (will make a video later), so here they are!


After we landed at Incheon airport, we took the commuter A’REX train to Hongik University Station (Hongdae) where we stayed. We stayed at a guesthouse, PATIO 59 in Hongdae. It wasn’t a fancy stay, but it was VERY cheap, and the staff was friendly. And we had a bathroom in our room so we didn’t have to share bathroom with everyone, as you sometimes have to do when staying in a guesthouse.

My lovely friend and travel companion Sofia 

I’m very happy that we chose to stay in Hongdae, ’cause I really liked the atmosphere. It felt like a very artsy place. Everywhere there were people playing instruments and singing in the streets. And also, since it’s a university area the general prices seemed to be much cheaper there. And most stores also stayed open until late at night. And the bars never seemed to close at all haha! Also, since we lived really close to the YG entertainment building, we decided to swing by and check it out. And of course we took some selfies in front of the building as well hehe.

Just two stations away from Hongdae (subway Line 2) is Ewha Woman’s University, or Edae for short. Since it’s also a university area the prices were also very cheap. Even more cheap than Hongdae! So needless to say, I did some of my shopping there. I also visited Dongdaemun and did some more shopping there, but I didn’t bring my camera so I don’t have any pictures of it 😦 but i preferred to shop at Edae or Hongdae.

some shopping pics from Hongdae and Edae ~

Myeongdong, the perfect place to buy makeup and skincare products! Only about a 15 minute subway ride from Hongdae (also subway Line 2, although it doesn’t go to Myeongdong station, but to Euljiro 1(il)-ga station) But you can of course buy makeup and skincare products almost anywhere. I bought most of my things from one of the Etude House in Hongdae. I didn’t dare to try the weird looking egg-bread though, but it looked delicious.. and we didn’t go to any cat café either 😦 but maybe next time! We did lots of other fun things instead ~

For example we took the bus from Myeongdong station (right outside exit 3) up to Namsan (South mountain) to take some touristy pictures! If you want to have an even better view, the N Seoul Tower is located on top of Namsan. We didn’t go up in the tower though, but the view was still very nice!

You can also take a cable car, which I think is much faster than the bus but it costs a bit more. And if you’re really up for it you can even hike up the mountain (no way I’m ever doing that haha?!). But there were even lots of people running up the mountain. like.. running?! that’s crazy.

We also visited the Gyeongbokgung Palace. We hopped off at Gwanghwamun station (Line 5) and walked across the Gwanghwamun Plaza (looked at statue of King Sejong who introduced hangul) and through the Gwanghwamun gate, that apparently had some “Guard duty performance” going on at the time. There was also the yearly Lotus Lantern Festival (연등회) going on all around the city at the time of our visit, so we went down to the stream to have a quick look at some lanterns.

Now the only things left to post are the mandatory food pictures! But I don’t really have that many.. I forgot to bring my camera most of the time we went out 😦 But I have a few ~



Cutting our kimchi like good citizens! (〃・ω・〃)


rolled into a tiny lettuce taco 😛

Also, since we lived in Hongdae I just had to walk by the Hello Kitty Café there. I didn’t go in to. It was too cute for my taste :’D


I had really fun during my first visit to Seoul! I don’t think I’ve ever been partying to much before in my life haha. Korea really is crazy! We went to lots of different clubs, and I don’t usually go clubbing, but it was so much fun. Also, it didn’t matter that I was jet lagged ’cause we mostly did things during the night anyway. We usually went out for dinner around 9 or 10 PM, and it was always packed with people, no matter what day it was. And then we headed to the club around 12 – 1 in the night. And it didn’t matter ’cause peak hour wasn’t until like 3 or 4! In Sweden clubs usually close at 3 haha.

I have some more party pics on my phone that I might post later. I’ll also try to put together a video with some clips from one of the clubs we went to. Maybe I’ll write a little bit more about it then. But anyway, I had such a great time in Seoul, and I definitely want to go back to Korea and see more of the country and visit other cities! I also would love to go there during some big gaming season or something, maybe watch some Starcraft or Dota if they have any event for it.

‘Til next time!


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