Holiday gathering.

Hello! oh Christmas is just around the corner. I felt I needed to post something “Christmasy”. and then I remembered that I have this video from last week, when we gathered at a friends place to make saffron buns! I love saffron buns! ~ shot with a Canon Rebel T3, edited in After Effects and iMovie. The song is: Contemporary Individual by Superhumanoids (

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

And for all the webdesigners out there…

yes, I made a work-related Christmas card… geeky.. (//∇//)
But I wish you all a wonderful user experience (UX) this Christmas!


Tsubasa Masuwaka

Hello. Been a while again since I posted. I have been feeling a bit down lately… it just feels like there has been so many tragic events lately.. too much death. But oh, I don’t want to write about that here. Maybe someday, but not today. Today I’m going to write about a portrait I painted of one of my biggest inspirations: Tsubasa Masuwaka.

(bigger picture on my DeviantArt)

I don’t usually draw portraits, but when I saw a couple of my friends doing it, I got inspired. Made with Photoshop, about 6-8 hours of work. I know I didn’t get everything right (I really struggled with the hair etc…), but it was fun ^^

Here is the original picture:



If you're going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it…

“… or else you’re going to be locked up” – Hunter S. Thompson

Hello! So I’ve been kind of busy lately with job hunting and designing. And I think it might finally have paid of! but I don’t want to get ahead of myself so I’ll say no more right now ~ So I haven’t had the time to update my blog.. but I’ll try to do better. But in the meantime  you can always check my Instagram and Twitter for the latest updates ^_^ But anyway, here is a small design update at least!

A t-shirt graphic I made a while ago. Inspired by the “dubstep cat” by Skifcha, I thought, “why not a dubstep owl?”

Available at and

Some other things I’ve been working on lately:

^- A sketch for a personal logo

^- A blog design for a friend (not finished, header is just a test pic)

^- A new graphic profile and website for Orange Pop Café

A new web app for Postkodlotteriet (just fictional)

Just playing around in illustrator. I made a shoe :’D 

Most are just screenshots from my Dribbble account, where I usually post things that I’m working on. I also recently created a Behance-account,, where I’ve uploaded some of my design work, both old and new.

Anyway, time to make some serious lemonade!

Sometimes I'm awesome…

(… sometime’s I just suck big time.) 

As I wrote before I’ve been applying to some Art/Design schools, so I’ve had to do lots of assignments. And I thought I’d share some of them ^^ So here is my application for:

Beckmans School of Design

Assignment no. 1
“Create a visual story of your home. (can be drawing, collage, etc.)”
I decided to make like an interactive website (I didn’t do the actual website though, just the concept), where you can click on objects in my home to get more information about them.

Assignment no. 2
“Create typography for this quote by Yoko Ono”
I hade so many different ideas for this one. At first I wanted to write in Japanes, but it didn’t turn out the way I wanted so I just played around with the idea of writing something with crayons on concrete. I don’t really know why… I thought about how you can easily just brush it out and create something new. kind of like what you do in your mind. errh. something..

Assignment no. 3
“Create a design concept for the Olympic Games in London in 2012.”
Not much to say here. I wanted to keep the “olympic” colors, but wanted to make more like.. pictograms and icons, with kind of a “retro” feeling to it.

But I’m kinda pleased with the idea of the “olympic cup” cup holder :’D

Assignment no. 4
Was to create a storyboard/quicktime movie for a viral campaign for the Hallwyl Museum in Stockholm. I suck at video editing, and I kind of ran out of time to make the storyboard so I’m not gonna’ display it here ^^;;

Assignment no. 5
“In the Western world food waste is a big problem. Come up with a communication campaign that aims to change the behavior of young adults. The campaign should include ideas for viral marketing, an app and an ad that sums up the message.”
Here I decided to do a website, phone app and tablet app. The name is “” which means “”. It’s supposed to be sort of a community where you can find recipes, submit your own recipes, get handy tips on how to waste less food, take part in challenges, and so on.

And the print campaign ads:

Assignment no. 6
“Submit three examples of other things you have done. It can be photography, illustration, film, or graphic design.”
I wanted to show some things that I’ve done for my company: so I made a digital collage of that. It’s all digital edit, no photos ^^;;

I don’t know if I’ll get accepted this year either, but I hope so.. But even if I don’t, it was still lots of fun to do all the assignments ^_^ and at least I can put some of them in my Portfolio ~

The Imaginary File Format – relaunch!

Hi guys! As you may know, we at TIFF.NU have been working on a new website for a while now. And now we’re finally ready for relaunch! This is the first time we’re trying it out, so I hope everything is working 😀 But if you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at any time ^_^

Some random things I made for our site~

Some examples of t-shirt prints that are available in the shop 🙂 At the moment we only make digital t-shirt prints, so the quality is rather limited and color intensity tend to fade over time. but if any T-shirt prints turns out to be a hit, we might be able to begin making 4-color prints as well *_* I would love to do that.

Due to lack of time, we usually don’t do any custom made items anymore, but we do make lots of prints! For example we can print on various phone cases, ipad cases, glasses, headphones (ONTO), tote bags etc. At the time we don’t have many designs for glasses or headphones yet, but we’re working on making more ^_^

Visit our shop!