Exploring Beijing

Hey! if you follow my Instagram or Twitter you might already know that I was in China for a couple of days this summer! We visited a friend who is living in Beijing. And we took the opportunity to explore the city and doing some sightseeing, visiting The Great Wall, among other things. Here’s a short video I made from our trip, along with some pictures! ^_^

Exploring Beijing from Erika Henell on Vimeo.

And onto the pictures ~ Very picture heavy!

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Fashion from Newdress.com! (sponsored)

Hello! I recently received some amazing fashion products from www.newdress.com that I wanted to show you guys 🙂

whole look on my Lookbook

Here’s what I got:

Tank Top Mini Dress  – http://bit.ly/1EtE5mU
Waist Gold Belt – http://bit.ly/1J9uCXs
Cardigan – http://bit.ly/1EtE5Dv
White Belt – http://bit.ly/1DRTGSv


newdress-review newdress-purse-donbook donbook-phone-purse phone-purse newdress-purse-donbook newdress-phone-purse newdress-fashion-review
I really love every item!

Although the cardigan is maybe just a tiny bit too small for my taste. It still fits, but I would have preferred if it had been just a little bit bigger. I’m 163 cm tall and I chose Size – Asian M (US S(4) ,UK 6, AU 8), but I probably should have gone with Asian L for a better fit.

Everything else fit perfectly though, and I’m especially in love with the little purse wallet which fits my phone, so I can use it when going clubbing!

I’m also wearing a white wig that I got from eBay ~

One week in Seoul

Hello! Sorry for the lack of updates again… But I recently got back from Seoul, South Korea! It was my first time ever visiting Korea, and I just loved it! Of course I couldn’t help myself comparing it to Japan (where I’ve been many times) and it was a lot similar in a way, but at the same time very different. Korea felt much more crazy. But a good kind of crazy. Anyway, I managed to snap some pictures and movie clips (will make a video later), so here they are!


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Kuriyama Mirai cosplay – Kyoukai no Kanata

Time for another cosplay! After I did my No Game No Life – Shiro Cosplay, I felt really excited about doing another one. And then I stumbled upon a costume over at Tosinshop on Rakuten, with Kuriyama Mirai from Kyoukai no Kanata. Since I’m not really a “real” cosplayer, and I’m terribly bad at sewing, I’m perfectly happy with buying my cosplays from other shops instead ^_^

Some thoughts about the costume:
I didn’t order the weapon accessories (especially since I already had my red glasses), but you can choose to order just the costume, + sweater, + wig, and + weapons, if you want. I ordered L size, and it fit me quite perfectly. Except for the pink sweater which was a bit too small in my opinion. Since Kuriyama Mirai has more of an oversized sweater in the anime. And I am kind of small (~ 163 cm), so if you’re a tall person it might not fit at all.

Beyond the Boundary – Mirai Kuriyama
境界の彼方 Kyoukai no Kanata – 栗山 未来, Kuriyama Mirai


I didn’t really have the right shoes, but these brown ones will have to do. I bought them at Deichmann a few years ago.


And I actually didn’t wear any lenses, since the only hazel coloured lenses I have are with prescription, and my glasses already have prescription so I would get all dizzy wearing double lenses haha. But I think I’m going to order lenses without prescription just for this cosplay ~


some more pics from my instagram ~