Holika Holika – Peach Girl BB Cream

Hello! some time ago I wrote about my Precious Mineral BB Cream from Etude House, that I love. But, since I’m using it almost every day it is starting to run out ^^;; so I thought I’d buy a new one from eBay. But when I searched for it I couldn’t find the color I wanted (#1 Sheer Silky Skin) so I decided to try something new. And I fount this from Holika Holika – Peach Girl BB Cream #1 Light Korean and it seemed to be bright enough for my skin.

A cool thing about this product is that it has a lipgloss/cheek blush included in the lid 😀
and a small mirror!

The package is really cute. And a convenient size (50ml), easy to bring with you during the day.

The power of makeup:

So here is a picture of me with no makeup (left), peach girl bb cream (middle) and full makeup (right), also using the lipgloss included in the lid ~ Quite the transformation… (//∇//)

also wearing EOS Candy Violet circle lenses ~

Anyway, I think the foundation matches my skin tone quite well, it covers up spots and brighten up my dull looking skin, and it has SPF 37 PA ++ so it works as a sunblock. Although, even though this is a BB Cream product, I’m not really sure just how good it is for my skin.. It has quite a strong fragrance (I think it’s supposed to smell like peach or strawberries?), and I prefer fragrance-free products… And my other foundation from Etude House actually felt a little bit better on my skin, so I definitely prefer that one. But this one is great for travel! Especially since it has a lipgloss and mirror in the lid 😀

+ It covers spots and brightens up my skin
+ Lipgloss/Blush and mirror included in the lid! (great for travel)
+ UV Protection (SPF 37/PA++)

– It has a quite strong fragrance… (may cause allergies? x_x)
– Not sure how good it is for my skin. I’ve had a few breakouts since I started using it..

Rating: ★★★☆☆/ 3½ out of 5



Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream

Hello! I was in desperate need of a new foundation, so I decided to try this one: Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream All Day Strong #1 Sheer Silky Skin. (wow that was a long name…) I bought in from this seller on eBay. Only $15.30 and free shipping! That’s way less than I pay for foundation in store here in Sweden. Since I have really bright skin I searched the web for the brightest foundation I could find (for an affordable price), and I came across this one from Korea.

(Photo by me, using a Sony DSLR A100)

First of all I love the packaging! Really cute. But it’s not very convenient for travel.. it’s rather big at 15 cm. But anyway, cute!

I also read that the white tube is more suitable for those who have oily skin (like me), so the #1 Sheer silky skin would help the skin to look more matte. And I think it matches my skin tone quite well! Although I do have a liiittle bit darker skin on my arms since they actually got a bit tanned (OMG HOW??) this summer (//∇//) But this foundation actually has SPF 30/PA++, so it works as a sunblock too. Which is good, since I read that you get more wrinkles more quickly when you expose yourself to the sun a lot O_O

Anyway, here is a picture of me with the bb cream foundation (left), and with no makeup at all (right). I have to say that it really covers up a lot! Although, since I have kind of bad skin (with some seasonal acne traces etc), I’m also using a concealer (from Viva La Diva) underneath. But I really love how the foundation brightens my dull skin, without having some weird looking undertone to it.

With full makeup ^_^ also, I’m wearing a new wig that I bought from eBay as well. gonna write a review on that too soon!

+ It covers spots and brightens up my skin
+ It feels good, and I haven’t had any breakouts yet
+ UV Protection (SPF 30/PA++)

– My skin feels a bit oily after wearing it for too long
– The tube is a bit too big for my makeup bag. but then again, you get more of the product, so it doesn’t really matter ^^

Rating: ★★★★☆/ 4 out of 5


It’s okay to have flaws, they make you real.

Time for a late night post. Just wanted to write about this BareMinerals foundation “starting kit” I got from my mom for Christmas.

I’ve never used mineral makeup before, because I’ve always looked for the cheapest things when I’ve been shopping for makeup. And let’s face it (haha, pun not intented! face… get it? … oh it’s too late for me to blog ^^;;), mineral makeup is really expensive. But mineral makeup is considered purer and can be kinder to the skin. And now that I’ve tried it, I don’t know if I can go back to my regular liquid foundation after this. My skin felt so much softer and not at all oily as it used to get sometimes from my liquid foundation. And when I washed it off in the evening my skin didn’t feel as damaged as it usually feels after a day of heavy makeup.

Although I’m a little disappointed in the concealer, because it didn’t cover my problem areas enough… but perhaps if I start to use this mineral makeup instead of my old foundation I might not have as many skin problems as before. ^^

Palty 泡パック hair color

Hello! So like a week ago I was browsing around Ebay and I came across this seller who has lots of asian make-up, beauty and hair supplies. I noticed they had some different Palty hair dyes and they were quite cheap so I decided to order one. ^-^ here’s the link to the one I ordered

I tried the Palty Foam Pack (Palty 泡パック) awapaku

And I chose the Creamy Caramel (クリーミィキャラメル)

Then I followed the instructions provided with the package. Although I can’t read much japanese it was easy to understand with help from the pictures. It’s as easy to use as any other hair color. Although I’ve never had to mix the hair color in a bowl before…. But it was quite fun.

Here is a tutorial I found on Youtube:

Mix the haircolor as the instruction says, by adding the base water and color cream into the cup. Use the “spoon” to mix 20-40 times. When the foam reaches the edge it’s ready to use. Then apply the color mix onto dry hair and rub it in. Leave it in for about 20 minutes, (I usually leave mine for a bit longer) then rinse. A more detailed instruction came with the package, but I just used these pictures from Dariya’s website for now. ^^

After you’ve rinsed, shampooed and conditioned your hair, add the moisture treatment mask onto towel dried hair.


And the result?

Well, I like the the color, but I’m not very pleased with the result… It’s not very even. Some parts are brighter than others. This has never happened to me before when I’ve used cream/foam hair dyes. I usually use the Casting Créme Gloss from L’Oréal Paris. Then I always get a very even result. And other foam hair dyes I’ve tried have been very rich. I’ve always had lots of hair dye leftover when I’m done. With this one from Palty I almost ran out of it..

I used a different Palty last time i dyed my hair (I didn’t write about it though, I forgot..), that I bought when I was in NYC. This one was actually much better. It was just like regular hair color, and you didn’t have to mix it in a bowl ^^;;

But next time I think I’ll try a different brand for my hair dye.
Don’t know what yet though ^^

Now I’m off to see Owl City live in Stockholm! *_*