Review: Crazy Lens – Geo Animation SF-73 Yellow

It’s time for another circle lens review from!

This time I’m trying out two different pair of lenses, one very natural looking “Geo Tri Color Green” (see the review here) and one crazy lens, “Geo Animation SF-73”


Geo Animation SF-73

Product details
Price: USD  
36.90 24.90
Lens code: SF-73
Color: —
Collection: Animation
Packaging: 2 Vials
Life Span: Yearly

Power Range: 0.00 / plano only

Diameter: 14.2mm
Base Curve: 8.60mm
Water Content: 40±2%
Material: Polymacon

Color & Design:
★★★☆☆ (3/5)
Well they are crazy all right! Although I was a bit sceptical about the design at first, I must say it really creates an intense look. Geo Animation actually have lots of other more interesting looking patterns in their collection, but I really wanted to try yellow ones so these were the ones I could find. But the color is very yellow (not even see through), so you can’t even see my natural color through it. So that’s good!

★★★☆☆ (3/5)
They are only 14.2mm, but because of the design I think they make my eyes look bigger. A very intense look indeed. Perfect for Halloween or cosplay.

★★★☆☆ (3/5)
Well, since the color isn’t see through at all, it takes a bit of getting used to. It feels kind of like looking through a hole sometimes haha. But other than that they are quite comfortable. And with these lenses you probably only want to wear them for a shorter period of time, for a party or an event or something like that.

Another thing that’s a bit of a bummer for me is that they aren’t available with prescription. So in order to be able to see anything with these lenses I need to wear glasses. But luckily for me the cosplay character I was going for with these lenses, Kuriyama Mirai from Kyoukai no Kanata, also wears glasses! And since these lenses has such intense color you can even see them well through the glasses ^^ you can read the full post about my cosplay here ~


As always I love ordering from And I always feel very safe getting my lenses from them, since GEO Medical is one of the most reliable and safest international circle lens brand, and all their products are genuine. Most of their circle contact lenses are also available with prescription. They also offer FREE international shipping and a FREE lens case for each pair of circle contact lenses purchased.

You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest 


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Kuriyama Mirai cosplay – Kyoukai no Kanata

Time for another cosplay! After I did my No Game No Life – Shiro Cosplay, I felt really excited about doing another one. And then I stumbled upon a costume over at Tosinshop on Rakuten, with Kuriyama Mirai from Kyoukai no Kanata. Since I’m not really a “real” cosplayer, and I’m terribly bad at sewing, I’m perfectly happy with buying my cosplays from other shops instead ^_^

Some thoughts about the costume:
I didn’t order the weapon accessories (especially since I already had my red glasses), but you can choose to order just the costume, + sweater, + wig, and + weapons, if you want. I ordered L size, and it fit me quite perfectly. Except for the pink sweater which was a bit too small in my opinion. Since Kuriyama Mirai has more of an oversized sweater in the anime. And I am kind of small (~ 163 cm), so if you’re a tall person it might not fit at all.

Beyond the Boundary – Mirai Kuriyama
境界の彼方 Kyoukai no Kanata – 栗山 未来, Kuriyama Mirai


I didn’t really have the right shoes, but these brown ones will have to do. I bought them at Deichmann a few years ago.


And I actually didn’t wear any lenses, since the only hazel coloured lenses I have are with prescription, and my glasses already have prescription so I would get all dizzy wearing double lenses haha. But I think I’m going to order lenses without prescription just for this cosplay ~


some more pics from my instagram ~


No Game No Life Cosplay

Hello! Ok this is crazy, but I decided to do a cosplay for the first time in forever (I think it was like … 10 years since last time I did a cosplay?!). I decided to do a character from a new anime that I really like called No Game No Life. I decided to cosplay the character “Shiro“. which is actually an 11 year old girl so I don’t know why I thought that was a good idea haha, but anyway!

But, since I’m terribly bad at sewing (and frankly I think it’s kinda boring….) I decided to buy a costume from eBay! … ^^;; I’m not going to go to any cosplay competitions or anything anyway, I just wanted to dress upp! And I found this Shiro costume from a seller called “zhu0808ww“, and it was really cheap and looked nice. I used their measurements guide the best I could, and ordered “M” size. And luckily it fit quite perfectly! Maybe it was just a tiny bit too big, but better too big than too small.

Circle lenses: Geo Holicat Barbie Hazel
I actually wanted to try the Geo Color Nine Deep Red lenses for this look, but apparently they’re going to be discontinued so I couldn’t order them 😦 too bad! I think they would have been perfect..

The wig I used in an old white wig I had lying around (also from ebay, but this particular one is no longer available). I thought about buying a Shiro styled wig from ebay as well, but all the ones I could find were a bit too colorful in my opinion. I imagine Shiro having white hair with just a small tint of color. So I dyed the wig a bit violet, by using Directions – Violet hair dye and mixing it with water. Then I gently let the wig soak in the water for some time. Super easy! I also cheated and added some extra blue color in photoshop ;p

Pics from my instagram ~

Link to the Shiro Costume

Link to the seller on eBay