Exploring Beijing

Hey! if you follow my Instagram or Twitter you might already know that I was in China for a couple of days this summer! We visited a friend who is living in Beijing. And we took the opportunity to explore the city and doing some sightseeing, visiting The Great Wall, among other things. Here’s a short video I made from our trip, along with some pictures! ^_^

Exploring Beijing from Erika Henell on Vimeo.

And onto the pictures ~ Very picture heavy!

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One week in Seoul

Hello! Sorry for the lack of updates again… But I recently got back from Seoul, South Korea! It was my first time ever visiting Korea, and I just loved it! Of course I couldn’t help myself comparing it to Japan (where I’ve been many times) and it was a lot similar in a way, but at the same time very different. Korea felt much more crazy. But a good kind of crazy. Anyway, I managed to snap some pictures and movie clips (will make a video later), so here they are!


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12 nights in Tokyo

… or actually it was only 11.

As I blogged about earlier I visited Tokyo last year during Halloween, October – November. It was a wonderful (but far too short) trip. I took some photos which I posted earlier, but I also recorded some video clips. And now I’ve FINALLY managed to put them together in a little video – featuring Halloween in Shibuya, karaoke, cats and lots of sake!  if you want to read more about my trip, be sure to check out this blogpost ~

12 nights in Tokyo from Erika Henell on Vimeo.

Was filming with a Sony a580 + Sigma 50mm macro lens, handheld. And I’ve also put in some clips that my boyfriend shot with his GoPro. Edited in Premiere Pro.

The song is:
Isaac Delusion – Dragons (Fakear Remix)

Tokyo, tadaima

Hello! I just got back from my trip to Tokyo, Japan. We left Stockholm on October 23, and stayed in Tokyo until November 3. So all in all the trip was about 12 days (waaaay to short in my opinion) Me and Johan was first thinking about going other places except for Tokyo, such as Osaka (since we really enjoyed it last time we were there), or maybe visit one of our friends who live in Nagano. But, with such short amount of time and so much we wanted to do in Tokyo, we decided to just stay in Tokyo.

As usual I forgot taking pictures most of the time, but I managed to snap a few. I also uploaded pictures to my Twitter and Instagram, so I might do another post with those later! And I was also filming a bit, so I’ll try to make a little travel video later ^_^ Until then, here are some photos I took with my Sony a580 and Sigma 50mm macro lens.


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