12 nights in Tokyo

… or actually it was only 11.

As I blogged about earlier I visited Tokyo last year during Halloween, October – November. It was a wonderful (but far too short) trip. I took some photos which I posted earlier, but I also recorded some video clips. And now I’ve FINALLY managed to put them together in a little video – featuring Halloween in Shibuya, karaoke, cats and lots of sake!  if you want to read more about my trip, be sure to check out this blogpost ~

12 nights in Tokyo from Erika Henell on Vimeo.

Was filming with a Sony a580 + Sigma 50mm macro lens, handheld. And I’ve also put in some clips that my boyfriend shot with his GoPro. Edited in Premiere Pro.

The song is:
Isaac Delusion – Dragons (Fakear Remix)


Tokyo, tadaima

Hello! I just got back from my trip to Tokyo, Japan. We left Stockholm on October 23, and stayed in Tokyo until November 3. So all in all the trip was about 12 days (waaaay to short in my opinion) Me and Johan was first thinking about going other places except for Tokyo, such as Osaka (since we really enjoyed it last time we were there), or maybe visit one of our friends who live in Nagano. But, with such short amount of time and so much we wanted to do in Tokyo, we decided to just stay in Tokyo.

As usual I forgot taking pictures most of the time, but I managed to snap a few. I also uploaded pictures to my Twitter and Instagram, so I might do another post with those later! And I was also filming a bit, so I’ll try to make a little travel video later ^_^ Until then, here are some photos I took with my Sony a580 and Sigma 50mm macro lens.


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Hello! I finally finished editing some clips from my time in Japan last year.

Places I visited: Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hakone, and Chichibu. Was filming with a Sony a580 and a Sigma 50mm macro lens, handheld. Edited in Premiere Pro, with Lumetri Looks color grading, and Twixtor Pro for slow motion.

The song is:
AlexNacila – Cloudlift

日本をとても懐かしく思い出す。東京に帰りたいなぁ...くすん ( ノω-、)

Things from Japan

Hello. So as I mentioned earlier I still have lots of photos and even more video clips from Japan that I want to post. But I still haven’t finished editing and putting everything together. But I will! sometime… Anyway, here is a short “teaser” if you will ~ Just some short clips from some of our highlights from Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hakone and Chichibu. Was filming with my Sony a580, and a Sigma 50mm macro lens. Handheld, so the footage became a bit shaky as usual. Edited in Premiere Pro.

The song is: Avicii – Wake me up (Nico Pusch Bootleg Remix)

And speaking of things from Japan… I might have bought a few things while I was there… hehe.. When I unpacked my bag I put all the accessories and makeup on our living room table, and I just couldn’t resist taking some pictures of it all ^^;; kinda picture heavy ~

I just love this BB cream from Kate ~

Also tried a CC cream from Etude House

And a nice bright powder from Etude House

“Gelato” nail polish set ~

Lots of lashes hehe ~

I especially love these Disney Romantic Minnie Eyelashes

And these lower lashes from Dolly Wink

With so much makeup I needed a new makeup bag ~

Some jewellery from Forever21

And some from.. I think it’s from Paris Kid’s

Belts from Shibuya109

iPhone4 case for 100¥ in Harajuku, get!

Whoops, so many things… And I didn’t even include the clothes and shoes…  (//∇//) But luckily everything fit in my bag. I could bring 23 kg on the plane, and when I checked in my luggage at the airport it was only 22,9 kg so I had some to spare 😉 Anyway. Yes, I did a lot of shopping.

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness, didn’t know where to shop

Turn your face toward the sun and the shadows will fall behind you.

Hello everyone. I just wanted to share some photos of the guesthouse I’ve been staying at in Tanashi, in Nishi-Tokyo. The building is quite old and a bit run down, but it doesn’t really matter because the people are amazing. At least everyone I’ve met so far. Anyway, onto the pictures, starting with my room on the 2nd floor. I only brought my macro lens though, so I wasn’t able to take any overview photos… but anyway. This post will be kind of picture heavy!

Ah it was still summer when I took these photos… I miss summer already ~ I also managed to take a few (like… 3…. I always forget to bring my camera!) photos outside. Even though it was super sunny that day… ohh and I just love this cute Shiba-inu (柴犬)! Was always passing this little guy on my way to the station.

Wending machines everywhere. There is one outside the guesthouse as well. I’m loving it!

Oh and here are some pictures from my friends’ birthday, I just haven’t had the chance to post them yet. His girlfriend made this amazing American peanut butter cake. And then she got all his friends together at the guest house to surprise him. So sweet!

And me and my friend Linus (who is also from Sweden) decided to make some Swedish dishes, so we made meatballs (from IKEA haha) and salmon wraps/rolls with cream cheese, smoked salmon and chives. I also made some cake pops (or rather cake balls since I didn’t have any popsicle sticks), because I always make them for parties. But I ran out of cream cheese (’cause it’s kind of expensive in Japan), so I used some Calpis Soft (you know that thing you’re supposed to have on your bread or something) instead :’D But it turned out kinda great actually! tasted a bit like lemon curd so it was nice. A wonderful time with some wonderful friends.


And yes, I’m actually back in Sweden now. Although I wanted to stay longer, I only had a tourist VISA and it was running out, and for the time being I couldn’t afford to lengthen it by leaving the country for a weekend or so. I also decided not to lengthen the Japanese language course I was taking, since I was paying for it myself and not taking a student loan (yes we can do that in Sweden), because I’m saving my weeks for a longer education, probably somewhere in Japan. But because I still haven’t decided on which university I want to apply to, I couldn’t really get a student VISA yet. So I decided to go back to Sweden. Also, it feels like the situation at Fukushima has been a bit crazy lately. I really hope they manage to make things better. Lot’s of brave people working to fix it. I really hope everything will turn out ok.

And I’m definitely planning on returning to Japan some day for a longer stay, and when that time comes I will absolutely get myself a student VISA. Until then I will try to continue practicing my Japanese, and I’m hoping to be able to pass at least the JLPT level 4 test, maybe even level 3. Perhaps not this year (since the exam is quite soon), but maybe next year. Anyway, a bit mixed feelings right now, but in many ways it feels good to be back in Sweden too. But I still have lots of pictures from Japan that I want to post, and movies to make, so there are still some Japan updates yet to come.

Stay tuned, and be adventurous!