Glamorous Holiday Hair and Makeup (tutorial)

Oops, looks like I’ve been neglecting my blog again ….. \(//∇//)\ But here’s a tutorial for my Holiday look I had on Christmas and New Year’s! I posted it on Youtube before Christmas but I forgot to write about it on my blog.. but better late then never!

Makeup tutorial:

Products I used:

BB Cream: Etude House Precious Mineral – Cotton Fit
Powder: Etude House Dear Girls – Oil Control Pact
Contouring: Diamond Nose Make Up
Blush: Viva La Diva – No.5 Aloha

Eyebrow pencil: Viva La Diva – No.32 Macchiato
Eyebrow mascara: Heavy Rotation – Coloring Eyebrow No.03 Ash Brown
(But really if you have darker hair like me you should use a darker color.. I just didn’t have one)

Circle lenses: Geo Holicat Funky Blue XHC-502 from
Eyelashes: Romantic Minnie No. 3 – Dolly Eye
Liquid eyeliner: Isadora Colorful Eyeliner – No.10 Black
Eyeliner pencil: Isadora Perfect Shade liner – Soft black
Eyeshadow: Canmake 3 Tone Bronze
K-palette Real Lasting Tears Tank
Mascara: Maybelline New York – Colossal Go Extreme
Silver Makeup Glitter

Lipliner: Lumene – Wild Rose No.4
Lipstick: Bright Red from H&M
Lip Gloss: Isadora Moisturizing Lip Gloss – 22 Diva Red

Hair tutorial:

Products I used:
Maximum Strong Mousse – Proffs
Super Strong Hairspray – Proffs
32mm Curling Iron – Babyliss Paris
Paddle Brush

Some pics from Christmas and New Year’s with this look:

For more photos of this Christmas look check out this post  ~

Me and Sofia at New Year’s ~


Hairstyles for short hair

Hello! So, since I had a new haircut some moth ago (which didn’t turn out at all how I wanted it ~)  I’ve been trying to figure out different ways to style it. And this time I decided to make a video of it ^^ So here it is!

What I used:

Although this isn’t really a tutorial since it would be very long if I would to show every style in detail. But feel free to check out some of my other tutorials on Youtube ~

Satomin inspired makeup and wig styling

Hello! I’ve been wanting to write this post for so long, but I haven’t had the time. but now I do! So, waaay back I mentioned that I got another really cheap wig from eBay, this time a short style. And it kind of reminds me of a wig I’ve seen Satomin wear for a photo shoot, so I decided to do a Satomin inspired make up ^_^

And a close-up ~

I’m really happy with the wig, but as many “cheaper” synthetic wigs it was a bit too shiny for my taste. So I decided to put some makeup on it! ….. haha, but really, it kind of helps ^^ Here’s a short video tutorial I of how I did it ^^

If the clip isn’t working just click here ~

I know it’s not the best tutorial, and the poor video quality makes it really hard to see any difference at all, but I promise I’ll try to make a better tutorial some day!

My curly hair tutorial

Hi guys! I thought it was time for a new tutorial. Some have asked me to show how I curl my hair. So here it is! ^-^

What you will need:

1. Proffs Dry Shampoo
2. Proffs Maximum Strong Mousse
3. Proffs Super Strong Hair Spray
4. BabyLiss Paris Curling Iron

And the tutorial:

If the clip isn’t working click this link (。・ω・。)♪♪♪